The eternal city of the world is the place I am looking forward of visiting soon- Rome. I had been reading so many books the facts about Rome. The area containing the historic part of Rome is very compact. Most well-known places of interest are within 30 minutes walk. Starting from the Piazza Navona, the Trevi fountain is about 15 minutes away, as is St Peter's (in the opposite direction). The Roman Forum is 25 minutes, and the Colosseum 30 minutes. The Spanish steps 25 minutes, and the Pantheon about 10 minutes. But there are many other things to discover in Rome - the many beautiful fountains, the hundreds of churches, the fabulous shops from expensive designer to little corner shops, the artists in the Piazza Navona, the galleries, the craftsmen, the hustle and bustle city. There's no escaping it: Rome means history.

If soon have the opportunity visit the sacred place for Christians I would be delighted to the Rome accommodations . The places set me hassle free of my accommodation because I have the choice in Rome apartments and Rome hotels . Whatever I take the accommodation pretty sure the places can give me a delightful stay. I am in the capital city of Italy; it’s the famed City of the Seven Hills, La Dolce Vita, Vatican City, Rome and Three Coins in the Fountain. In a momentous stay of Rome hotel it is arduous to reiterate that you’ll find the most breathe taking about the Eternal City- the arrogant opulence of Vatican.

Rome is place must to visit. I am wishing that before I turn in old age could have been already visited Rome. I am counting my fingers on this journey:!)


theTripper said... @ November 9, 2007 at 9:32 PM

good luck to your journey. :)

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