Bad chemistry? for sure ... Izzie and George should not be together.

Final fantasy?: George and Izzie finally have sex, and it's terrible. He went on to tell Meredith about how bad it was, and Meredith didn't want to hear it. Join the club, Mer! George suggested they play out some fantasies, but unfortunately, that didn't include not hooking up again and going back to being friends and forgetting this whole tryst ever happened. Oh wait, that was the viewers' fantasy! It was another experiment gone horribly wrong – a little like their whole relationship.

Indecent 'prop'osals: Izzie didn't exactly love her time with George, either, saying he kisses like a chicken that doesn't know what it's pecking for. McSteamy's face-lift patient suggested that Izzie stop worrying about what's wrong in her life. Then Izzie brought a box of props for her next, umm, romantic session. The props and the accompanying alcohol didn't really help, either. George and Izzie did it one last time and both claimed it was amazing, then both admitted they were lying. Please, let this end soon.

Getting to know you: Meredith got angry with Lexie, telling her not to drink or sleep with Alex and to get her own life and stop living in hers. When a father who was in danger of losing his wife was afraid that he didn't know enough about their newly adopted baby to take care of her, Meredith said that it can take time for some people to warm up to a new family member. She said that in front of Lexie, and told the father that there were at least five things he knew about the baby. Later, Lexie told Meredith five things about herself that she hoped would make it harder for Meredith to hate her. Oh, and Thatcher (Meredith and Lexie's dad) has become an alcoholic, which is one thing Meredith doesn't know.

Who turns the screws?: Lexie was worried that her surprise half-naked appearance in Meredith's house last week would disrupt whatever progress they were making in their relationship, but soon she decided to stop being so worried. When a patient asked if Lexie and the other Dr. Grey were sisters, she said it's just a coincidence that they have the same name. When Meredith confronted Lexie and told her to get her own life, Lexie told Meredith, "Screw you." When Lexie asked Alex later to meet her in the on-call room, he declined. Who's getting screwed now?

Bosom buddies: The chief and McDreamy were getting a little cozy living in their side-by-side trailers, with the chief asking McDreamy to get his dry cleaning done. McDreamy said he was going along with the request because the chief has a good DVD collection and they watch movies together. When the chief walked in on McDreamy and Meredith half-naked in bed, he got all flustered and asked Derek to keep his door locked if he's expecting company. Yeah, dude. Or at least put a rubber band on the doorknob!

The bachelor: The chief is having trouble adjusting to life as a single man, and is basically using Derek as his fill-in wife. The two have a pretty hilarious "lover's quarrel" in front of Sloan, but the chief later admitted that he has a lot to learn because he married Adele when he was two years out of college and doesn't really know how to take care of himself. So, no rose for McDreamy?

Good things come to those who wait: The chief got in Callie's face about the schedule being "a mess," so she asked Bailey to cover her chief-resident duties so she could take a pair of surgeries. Bailey covered for Callie the rest of the day, making tough decisions and generally taking control of things around Seattle Grace. When the chief figured out that Bailey was covering for Callie, he fired Callie as chief resident and offered Bailey the job. He said, "What you do and how you do it makes this hospital work." Bailey cried.

Can't always get what you want: McSteamy became insecure about his line of work when he saw the life-saving stuff that Dr. Hahn was doing as a heart surgeon. He later realized that he has "a thing" for Hahn and Derek warned him that it would only end badly. When McSteamy later made a move on Hahn at the bar, she told him he's not really attracted to her -- he's attracted to her mad skillz. She said he only thinks he's attracted to her because she's not attracted to him. She's a heartbreaker!


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