I woke up late yesterday morning, i slept through with my alarm, i hate when its happened. i got up emailed my boss that i'm going to be late, then got ready. when i go downstairs i slipped and went down 8 steps and hurt my foot. took me awhile go get up and thinking should i go to work. :-) well- i forced myself kasi palagi akong absent (pumupunta kasi ang boss ko dito, kaya always watch out anong sinasabi ko dito. hehehe)anyway, it's so painful can't hardly walk. ok this is weird my birthday Nov. 8 and fell down the stairs 8 steps. hmmmm what do you think?

ito lang muna off to bed, i'm going to try to be at work at 6am. To all who greeted me for my birthday thank you thank you so much, truly appreciate it. Love you all. more later...

Happy Friday and God bless!


Pepe said... @ November 9, 2007 at 2:39 AM

Happy Birthday Carlota....! Sorry hindi ko nalaman ng mas maaga.... Anyways, i hope you had a good time....! =D

Norm said... @ November 9, 2007 at 12:00 PM

8 steps...ang taas! happy weekend...

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