Well, dropping the questions could be hint of myself! hehehe... and here it is my answers! ;)

1. Where did you go last Saturday?
>>>Family bonding shopping of spices...hehehe...as you know hubby love to cook and in times of spices no fool around. we went to penzeys store ( u can visit the penzeys.com) i can't believed he spent over 100$ just spices. He bought this Sea Salt French Fleur De Sel 12.8 oz. jar for $27.29 ... i told him you better use it wisely hehehe... then he bought Pure Wasabi .7 oz. for $13.59 grabeh ... i'll be making sushi soon. dami pa...

2. Did you have fun?
>>>Yeah of course! i am with my family: tom and julie (sarcastic) well- we surely have fun we stop by at tjmaxx bought couple pans and stuff for julie.

3. Who were you with? Were they cool?
>>>cool cause we all have good mood hehehe.

4. What time did you sleep last nyt?
>>>late as always

5. Have you gone to the beach just w/ yourbuddies?
>>>nope walang beach dito sa michigan. :-)


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