So what do you think tonight's episode? too boring for me ... i'm not really fan with Izzie and George together they don't have chemistry together. Alex and the intern Grey? interesting. well- her last name Grey for sure. :-)

Died, and gone to hell: Meredith helped treat a skydiver who fell 12,000 feet and survived. He cheated death, just like she did! Get it? The doctors watched his freefall on tape and heard him proclaiming his love for his instructor, something he was too cowardly to tell her. Meredith told him he should tell his instructor how he feels because his sense of invincibility would soon go away and he’d again become the coward he was before. Just like she is! Get it?

Cast away: The chief told McDreamy, who caught trout in the middle of the night — again — that the only kind of man who fishes at three in the morning is one who is pining over a woman. McDreamy later told Cristina that he wants to take care of Meredith, but she won’t let him. And the saga continues.

‘Bored’walk: The chief was living in a trailer on Derek’s lakeside and feeling sorry for himself as they shared a trout for breakfast. He decided to liven things up and called for a “gentleman’s evening.” They played Monopoly.

The new Burke: Erica Hahn started as chief of cardiothoracic surgery and ran into a big one when she had to perform “awake” open-heart surgery on a patient. The chief reprimanded her for not running such a risky idea past him first, but she fired back by asking whether Burke or the other male surgeons had to run such things by him. She suggested he was running a good, ol’ boys club. She was invited to the “gentleman’s evening.” They played Monopoly.

Chickened out? Izzie promised George a night of perfect, hot sex and then everything turned ugly. She helped on the “awake” open-heart surgery and was the only person who could keep the patient calm enough to make it through. An avid birdwatcher, the man wanted to live to see the ivory-billed woodpecker. That night, she was too tired to have sex and inexplicably started crying about it as she asked George if they could do it another night. They went to sleep. Will they ever do the deed sober?

Barely holding on: McSteamy decided to cheer Callie up by torturing George when a pair of brides-to-be came in intent on hanging on to a dress to win a “$100,000 dream wedding” contest. The contest was to see which woman would resist letting go of a wedding dress and be the last one hanging on. When one of the women had to have her shoulder operated on, McSteamy appointed George as her proxy and he was left holding the dress in her place. Oh, the irony.

‘I’m letting go’: George wasn’t allowed to let go of the wedding dress, but Callie decided to let go of him, telling him, “I’m letting go.” Because nothing can just be a metaphor on “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Mr. Wrong is oh, so right: Lexie was making eyes at Alex all day and by the end of the night she worked up the nerve to ask him out. He warned her that he’s a bad guy, that he’s hung up on another woman, that he wouldn’t call her the next day, and that all she’d get from him is sex. They hooked up. Her last name is Grey, remember?


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