I’m really happy through paid to blog I can help my sister. For couple of days now siya ang sumusulat sa mga paid posts ko. She needs some personal support (pera) right now since I have quiet of paid posts ini-offer ko sa kanya and she’s happy about it. Well, especially me cause won’t come out from my own pocket.

Si Julie sumusulat din kelangan daw niya so she can buy a new sidekick3…(there’s no way I will buy her… she already have the cell phone and the sidekick2 given by kookie but in some reason she want to have the sidekick3 right now. Kelangan niya ng 399$ to be able to buy the sidekick3 without signing a contract, I told her to wait late next year she can have the iPhone but no … sinabi ko sa kanya if you really want it you need to work w/c sulat sa mga paid posts. Okay na man sa kanya she did start 3 days ago and she already have a little over 100$. Couple of days now tinamad siya so I give it to my sister. Nagalit pero sabi niya this weekend daw…I’ll see…


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