Many people with asthma are able to exercise safely, but new research suggests that dehydration may increase the likelihood of an attack.

Researchers at the University of Buffalo, New York, found that individuals with exercise-induced asthma experienced a significant decrease in lung function when dehydrated.

It is speculated that dehydration can cause bronchospasm, which is a constriction or tightening of the airways of the lungs.

We are so strict in times of exercise related for Julie because exercise is one of her trigger. When she try out for volleyball last year I had her quit cause I didn’t like it when she had to use her inhaler 10 times which is a total of 20 puffs during the practice. She only allowed 2 puff prior to each sports or exercise. Well it says as needed but 20 puffs it’s too much. She wasn’t happy about it but she got no choice. When she plays basketball with friends 5 mins is only her max.


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