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Ten Reasons Why I Married My Other Half

Why I Married My Other Half?

1.Love At First Sight

hmmm…I’m not sure if it’s love at first sight. The first time I saw him, I was so nervous but impressed by his descent clean looks. So, gentleman.

2.First Date

He took me to a seafood restaurant and keep staring at me how pretty I was … hahaha … just kidding!!! We did had a very nice dinner and we enjoyed it a lot.

3.Proposal on first date?

It was pretty nervous. He proposed when we were sitting down outside at my parents house. I didn’t know what to say, I told him he should asked to my parents. hehehe. (dina ganyan naman tayo.) You know, I wasn’t expecting him to propose, cause I know it wasn’t just me he was dating, there was few more ladies but he said he was impressed by how innocent and mature I was and how my family work together.

4.He was ruggedly handsome

Yes- he was. Look at this PICTURE. He still is. He is a person always dressed nice. He never wear jeans to work and he always wear long sleeve shirts cause he is thin. Before, since he has so much long sleeve shirts it took me hours to ironed his shirts but I got smart, ( thanks to Martine) I take his shirts to the cleaners now and don’t have to worry about it.


He impressed me a lot of things. Number 1 of course the cooking wink* . How handy he is around the house. He renovate our living area, dining area and the kitchen by himself. He put up 2 bay windows by himself, I don’t how he does it but looks beautiful.


He is a gentleman. And always tells the truth. Every time I gained weight, he will say, look at your legs. hehehe. Is that being a gentleman or he just telling the truth. hahaha.


When I had the allergy reaction, I called him at work that I’m in the emergency after 20 mins he showed up.

7.A Fighter

He will never stop ’til you shut up. hehehehe.

8.A Birthday Present

a garnet tennis bracelet and a dozens of red roses. It was my fisrt bday present with him together.

9.That Romantic And Unforgettable Moment

Early in the morning I was still asleep ( I just had julie during that time) I was waken with his warm hand touches my forehead, I opened my eyes and saw him watching me with a sweet smile. I told him i’m getting up to prepare his breakfast but he whispered go to back to sleep. He gave me kisses and he left for work. When he got home from work he prepared a very nice dinner, and had a candle dinner. That was very sweet and for me that was an unforgettable moment.

10.Plus Minus

He loves jazz music and classic rock and i love alternative, light hip-hop and rock. I listen jazz sometimes but very rare.

Happy Monday and have a great week everyone. God bless!


Carlota said... @ June 12, 2007 at 1:14 AM

test test test tes

Ladynred said... @ June 12, 2007 at 11:22 AM

Well, you are lucky woman! It's a blessing to have married a kind, thoughtful and decent man.

irel said... @ June 14, 2007 at 8:09 AM

test pod ko behhh!!!!hahha nice ayu nganhi maam kyutan algi kos picture ni julie-lit:)

Carlota said... @ June 14, 2007 at 4:54 PM

si julie ra diay what about me? hahahaha....baga-a ug nawong sa?!

Carlota said... @ June 14, 2007 at 4:55 PM

>>>Agring salamat kaau sa pag-agi diri though wala pa ni ako gi publish paabot pa ko ug grasya. hahahahaha.

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