rewind for what? hehehe ... here I am sick again! Just got over with my bronchitis and another nasty cough! grrrr... over a week na kasi ito eh.

Last week, Julie's band concert wasn't so bad, same 'ol can't hardly see her. Luckily all the kids had their short solos they stand up and I made sure I got it in video. (will be uploaded when I get a chance). They played "All That Jazz". As usual after the concert we went out for dinner, we went to an italian restaurant very nice and quiet place, food sooo good. We didn't get a chance to have a dessert because we start coughing & it was so embarrassing. We hurried up and left.

Then over the weekend i was busy doing some house work. Well, didn't really do much got tired of coughing and indeed watching all kind of TV shows from sports to stupid reality shows in MTV. hahaha. Billiard was fun then PBA. I remembered Julie's bowling, 2004 she start playing bowling for the 1st time and got the first place. 2005 she did it again and she also join the little tournament w/c she got the first place and 125.00 dollars scholarship. I wanted her to continue to bowl but she got bored and quit! From ice skating to swimming to whatever :-) the longest she's in is the school band. She said she will continue softball until high school, we'll see.

Last home game on Tuesday then Wednesday is the honors night and counting down for the last day of school. hehehe. After school she'll be busy doing her 80 hrs. community service. 8th graders Catechism is required to do 80 hrs of community service. I'm hoping i can find some one can drop & pick her up so she can take the bible camp for a week it'll be counted for the 80 hrs.

Mango anyone? matamis na matamis 'yan? hehehe. Nabili namin so cheap 3 for 78 cents. Ubos na, gave the last one to Coco.

mama Irel- sarap ng pagkaluto ko sa Ampalaya wink* see THIS? :-) . With onion, garlic, pork, tomatoes, soy sauce and oyster sauce hmmmmm yummmmm!

for you ma'm Irel: hahaha
click to play -
human nimo ug paminaw pick-up-pon ka ANI.

Happy Friday everyone. God bless! Have a safe memorial day weekend to all. Hugs!


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