...before i go to work.

I start replying all you guys comments in my previous post but didn't get a chance to finished it, time to go to work :-( . I'll finish it later.

Thanks as always everyone, hope all the mother's had a great one. We just stayed home both of them still not feeling good. Julie in the other hand well- this kid her allergy will not interfere her daily activities, though is so bad but still going. Wish I have the same energy. She had a good game yesterday, they played very well even though they made a lot of mistakes. Today she'll have another game and so as Thursday. Thursday game we wont let her play cause she have the band concert but she wants to play, well see. I forget, she played softball by the way.

Here's some pictures from last week game, I thank Kathy for dragging me to the game cause I wasn't planning to watch it, cause during that time I wasn't feeling good but she made me feel guilty about it, right Kathy? hehehe. Julie did say I should thank you, yes "thanks so much" if you didn't made me feel guilty for sure I missed her moment of winning the game.

She's so tan right now, before she just can't wait but when I made a comment that with her being so tan she looks like my sister. funny she did looked herself in the mirror and said "yes, i am, now I hate it". hahaha. Silly kid!

Happy Wednesday everyone and have a great one. God bless and hugs & kisses to all.

Kukang: I will post the pictures maybe tomorrow or Friday.


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