Hello friends, welcome, welcome to my new place. Please come in and feel at home.

I'm still not feelin' good but I want to launch my new blog site. Isn't it PINK? :-) . This is the only thing I can offer you guys for my open house. wink* ... Taken late last year. We were craving for sushi and din't want to drive to sushi bar so I made it and so yummy. One of my specialty. :-) .

Please bear with me here, my blog site still in progress and if you kindly leave your URL so I can add in my linkies it would be much appreciated.

Really sorry guys just can't stay any longer. GA you're not alone, i've been sick since last Sunday today I'm worst. Yesterday I even left early from work cause I can't stand kept caughing and kept saying sorry to everyone.

Happy weekend everyone and God bless. Thanks as always. Love you all.


Vicki said... @ June 17, 2007 at 7:30 PM

dia na pod ni sushi nimo............kaon na pod ni dah,,,,

thnks daan....

diay thnks sa ac´dvice, ako gyd sulayan...eyebrow ba....

mora ug giganahan lagi ko, mora ug makita ang face gyd ba....nga TH....trying hard ba....thnks ha

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