Tag from Ethel. Sorry Ms. this is way over due. busy lang ang gitz. hehehe.

Here’s my 5 secret and it’s all about my work, I’m hoping my co-worker will NOT stumble here: :-)

1. My boss said I talked to myself.
>>>I sure do, this is only when I checked peoples work. He said he hears me saying all these words: idiot, why, stupid, moron, it’s easy, why do the hard way. I thought I said these quietly but because I have my headphone so loud I don’t hear myself talking. Hehehe.

2. I used to re-do peoples work when it looks terrible.
>>>I like the graphics looks neat & clean. I stopped doing it when my boss caught me. He said how they’re going to learned their mistakes if I’m the one who fixed it. He is right that’s why I stopped now.

3. Whenever I checked a big package of overview and looks terrible I marked re-do without hesitations.
>>>When my boss sees it I told him I don’t like it & looks terrible & it can be done better. If he said we don’t have time to fix it I offer I’ll fix it and gave me couple days.

4. Now, when my boss said we don’t have time to fix it I said OK in a heartbeat.
>>>This is just recently, you know scrapping time! Hehehe.

5. Pag nag slacking ang co-worker ko sinasabi ko sa boss ko. hehehe .
>>>Kasi sometimes na irritate ako when i’m busy ‘yong nag uusap lang. One time nga when i had a big job & i was so stressed out to get the job done kahit malakas na ang music ko naririnig ko ka pin silang nag uusap. So ‘yon nasigawan ko sila ang ingay kasi eh. Pero kung ako ang maingay OK lang. hahaha.

Thanks again everyone, bibisita ako sa inyo soon. ‘yong ibang comments hindi ko pa na reply sorry ha? nabitin sa oras. at isa pa ‘to naloloka sa teleserye. hehehe.

>>>Lily- thanks so much ha really very much appreciated. Na suprised si hubby ko ang bait mo.

Enjoy the rest of the week everyone. Hugz & kisses to all.


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