…because got chicken out with the weather :-) . Got up early and watched the weather, my golly it’s pouring rain with wintry mix. Too many accidents on the road and I just don’t want to be one of them. So I choose to stay home and I called my boss not coming in because of the weather. He understood naman at sabi pa can’t blame me. Usapan na rin namin pag bad weather for sure not coming in. Thanks naman at ok lang sa boss namin. I’m caught up all my works so wala ring problema. The only thing next week I need to roll over a vehicle from 2007 to 2008 it’s another boring job.

Oh yeah- after I called my boss checked my email, blog hopped a little and just about to go back to bed the phone ring. Look at the caller id it’s from Julie’s school thought they’ll closed today so I need to pick her up. BUT arrgggg…Julie called me to print out her report so I can bring to school for her. I got irritated cuz it’s yucky outside, cold and i know my van is covered with ice. Well, got no choice gotta do it otherwise she’ll get “F” for not bringing her report. She just so lucky i’m home today.

Anyway, are you guys ready for Christmas? How about your decorations, are you guys done yet? I’ll be working on mine today, hopefully i’ll get done. I’m not gonna be crazy this year, i’ll be recycling all my old decorations this year again just don’t want to spend the money plus i got so much stuff already :-) . All i need is to use my imagination. :-)

My tree is already up, just need to add some ornaments. This year my tree will be the same 2 years ago but a lot fuller looking. I’ll share some pics soon. Watch out for it, wink*.

oh ok dokey- i better get off and start working. Happy Friday everyone, take care and be safe.

Happy December 1st to all! Amoy Christmas na talaga …

To: Hermie, Nona, Sasha, Carmela, Angelic-Pink Angels at lahat na kelangan kung i- add sa link ko pasensya ha hindi ko pa na update ang links ko. I promise pretty soon.


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