4 days ’til Christmas…So fast isn’t it? Sad to say I just can’t wait to get over.

Siguro kasi malaki na si Julie at parang hindi na excited para sa akin…hehehe…We’ll excited naman pero hindi talaga pareho nun ng baby pa si Julie.

Diba dito pag xmas it’s so stressful, most people here they’re all worry about presents, what to give or what to receive. Sa Pinas, kahit walang pera pangbili ng mga regalo okay lang as long as na merong pagkain sa lamesa at masaya na ang lahat. Kung wala namang pangbili ng pagkain mga kapitbahay namimigay naman diba? Na miss ko talaga ang pasko sa Pinas. *sigh.

What about you guys, na miss nyo ba ang Pasko sa Pinas?

Salamat nga pala sa mga comments nyo previous post ko lalo na sa mga concerned nyo. Truly appreciated po. That was very scary indeed! I am so very thankful to God na nothings happened and i’m safe. I came to work Friday, my boss asked me if i heard the news about the 17 yr old got shot about 5 miles and it’s an hour after where the incident happened of my van. I’m not saying na someone shot the back window of my van but just the look of the 17 yr old shattered window it just looked the same as mine. Click HERE to see the article.

Anyways, I’m sure we are all gonna be busy in few days so, I’m wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! Keep safe… I love you all!

Have a wonderful day everyone…Hugs & kisses.

To LhadyMitch salamat sa cutest GIFT, I really appreciate it. You are so sweet. Kisses…


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