How was you guys Christmas? Hope all well and full of fun & love. Ours same as usual and as always we opened our presents on Christmas eve with Tom’s kids.

Well, at first we had our dinner. This time we had our sit down dinner and as usual Tom’s was cooking and i’m just the helper and prepare for everything. Everything was great and we enjoyed the dinner.

Santa been so generous this year pero ang anak na babae ni Tom parang hindi masaya sa natanggap niya. We gave her worth over $400 na jewelries kasi we thought na she’ll like it pero mali pala kami. Last night while we opened our gifts siya lang ‘ata ang hindi masaya lalo ng makita niya ang last gift namin ni Julie. Ayon umiyak na siya at nag decide na umuwi hindi namin alam kung anong nangyari sa kanya. Pero ‘la sa amin kasi nag enjoy kami lahat lalo na watching Julie enjoying her unexpected gift. This morning Tom & I felt so bad, so I called her pero hindi siya sumagot sa phone niya so I left a message saying na we really felt so bad and if you’d like we’ll gave you the money instead. We just don’t want her to be unhappy. Sa ginawa niya it reminds me nu’ng binigyan namin ng 25″ tv & her own satellite receiver nu’ng 4 yrs. old si Julie hindi rin siya umiimik. Bakit siya ganyan na binigyan din namin siya at pantay naman sila lahat.

Anyway, this time we surprised Julie big time. :-) . She’s really hard to get a present. She told us she wants guitar but she changed her mind, she wants saxophone then changed her mind again this time she wants a keyboard. We looked for the keyboard when i got my van incident, we found one and bought it. Then we talked how are we going to hide from her na she’s so stinker she’ll find out no matter what. We got an idea to gave her the old keyboard been stored in the garage for years. So, Tom gave her the keyboard but there’s no plug adaptor. We pretend na to buy one but we took the adaptor from the new one. It works and she’s so happy about it and start playing. She really think na ang old keyboard yon na talaga. :-) . After we opened all the presents last night we waited about 20 mins and asked if she gets all she wants and she said YES and we said OK…I told her to go upstairs to get the last gift for her dad it’s in the closet. (We hide her present in the spare closet and blocked with bunch of boxes). So she went and came back downstair and had abig smile on her face. Here’s what she got the portable grand. More info HERE. Gifts from me, I took her shopping kasi I don’t want to buy na hindi niya gusto. I told her na just pretend na hindi mo alam when you opened your presents. hehehe. Okay naman sa kanya.

Here’s the rest of the pics. I upload sa slide.com para isa na lang :-).

Anyhow, we thank God for everything lalo na sa lahat na biyaya natanggap namin. And of course prayed for world peace.

Sorry ang haba ng post ko…Have a blessed day. Love, hugs and prayers.

To: LhadyMitch GIFT, Irish GIFT, Yanella GIFT, Ruth GIFT, Hoth GIFT, & Gayle GIFT maraming salamat sa mga gifties nyo. I really appreciate it. Love you all!


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