Hello friends, sorry just got a chance to update here, i’m still busy specially this time a year. Plus happy to say that’s including offering my time to our bloggers friends

This week, i’ll be busy at work, super busy…Kasi ‘tong boss ko nagbigay ng project na last minute na at needed to be done before the holiday vacation. It’s normally about 6 to 8 weeks job but he needs it in 2 weeks. Sabi ko sa kanay i’ll give it a shot to get it done in 2 weeks. I was planning na maybe i’ll work 10 hrs a day para matapos ko. except Wed kasi may RE si Julie. I start the project last Thursday and i had 2 graphics sheets done, not so bad specially using AI. Sometimes i had a hard time using the AI specially putting the callouts it sure is a pain! waaahhh i’m whining here. hehehe.

Anyways, got this forward email thought i’ll post it since my blog geeting a lot of cobwebs…hehehe…Did you guys seen lots of spider? hahaha…Well, i think it’s ok sabi kasi ni Ann.

ann: Sana wag ka na magpalit ng post…hehehe. Ganda kasi ng decorations.

ok here it is: these are photos of an actual underwater birth, if you are squeamish just don’t open it, otherwise it is an amazing educational experience. Live birth undert water…

I must warn you that images are a little graphic, so if you have never seen a live birth underwater thins about it twice…An Underwater Birth…This is truly beautiful, HERE.

Ok dokie- hope you guys learned something. :-) . Tulog na si ako aga pa bukas.

Happy Monday and have a wonderful week. God bless!


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