1. Have you seen the new Star Trek movie, and if so what did you think?
=> Nope...not fan with Start Trek.

2. Which popular sitcom character (past or present) are you most like?
=> I don't know...none

3. What kind of dreams do you have?
=> Nightmare...one time I was afraid to sleep because of my dream.

4. Bugger it. Go get a tattoo and come back. Right, now answer me this, what ees eet?
=> huh? oppss no clue.

5. Do you think you could be on American Idol with the singing voice you have now without any voice training?
=> not in a million!

6. How much wood, would a woodchuck chuck? If a woodchuck could chuck wood?
=> Zero nada!

7. If you were a tree in a Dr. Seuss book, what would you look like?
=> how sad I can't name one.

8. Twilight? I'm addicted/Who cares/What the hell is Twilight?
=> my daughter is the one who's addicted.

9. Do you think Kimber and Berleen do a dube while writing these questions?
=> hehehe

10. What the worst injury you've ever had?
=> none. Thank God!

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