I have been following this story since she was missing, so sad. God bless her innocent soul. I am praying they’ll find whoever did this to this young innocent little one. To harm an innocent little angle is unthinkable. May she rest in peace.

[source: wxyz.com]
MONROE, Mich. (WXYZ) - Investigators updated the search for missing 5-year-old Nevaeh Buchanan Friday morning.

Monroe County Sheriff Tilman Crutchfield said a body recovered Thursday along the River Raisin has a strong possibility of being the little girl.

"We have reasonable suspicion that this is the body of Nevaeh," Sheriff Tilman said.

He said the size, sex and age is a match.

A shirt was recovered in the area that appears to be a match to what the girl was wearing when she vanished.

The sheriff said a task force has received 1,000 leads into the disappearance.

Crutchfield said around 3 p.m. Thursday, an investigative team was called to the scene where a body was found.


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