After 10 years of working in automotive industry it comes to the end. Some of you may already know I ended or my job has ended last Friday. I’m a contract of one of the big 3, sad to say it is not just laid-off the entire engineering graphics department have been pace out. I guess blame on economic crisis. I’m sure you guys know what’s going on with automotive industry down to hell. The federal aid of automakers I don’t think will do enough to protect auto workers. They have been laid off autoworkers left and right. As a matter of fact, all the big 3 will shutdown numerous plants starts holiday break. This is just not for 1 week; it is for one month or later. Gosh- workers, dealers have been bracing for the big 3 shutdown.

Pretty bad for auto industry, not in medical field for sure. I don’t know what I’m going to do, I’m thinking going back to school finish my degree or get myself interested in medical field.

A friend of mine who is a nurse is getting a MS nursing at Saint Xavier University's School of Nursing. After she told me about the school I had to find out more about it. Saint Xavier University's School of Nursing has been recognized as a Center of Excellence in Nursing Education and for past 70 years there are almost 4000 graduates. Indeed one of the best schools in MS nursing program.


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