Monday => I stayed home and worried after hubby told me what happened to him. Called the doctor appointment sadly they were busy. Continue worries...

Tuesday => I'm home again trying to convinced hubby to go to the hospital; luckily one of the receptionist called us that they have spot for HB.

Wednesday => I had to work but I kept calling him if he is okay.

Thursday => went to the hospital for 3 tests MRI, EEG and Carotid. We spent all morning at the hospital; I think we got home almost 1pm. I was so tired because I haven't been sleeping good worry about him. I went straight to bed around 2pm and didn't get up until the next day 5am.

Friday => I got up and got ready for work. I warm up my car then got a cup of coffee. Oh yeah- we had a snow storm and hubby kept telling me not to go to work. But I insist, but I had to turn around weather just so bad. So, I called Nadean to let her know, she told me to call our boss so I did. To make the long story short, I had to drag myself to work just to end my job. No a good day especially I got stuck in our driveway.

Saturday => Got up late and all sore. Saw hubby getting ready to go to store, I try to stop him but he won't listened. So, I went back to sleep and I forgot we had a Christmas party to go to.

Sunday => Oh gosh- I don't feel good knowing tomorrow I'm not going to work. I just sit in front my pc all day and catch up all my assignments.


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