Tag from Ethel. Thanks sistah.

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Now, i tag LanieG Ruby Jerla Prettylifeonline Butchay Lily Kramlo.

7 weird things about me [ i don't think these are my weird things about me, i would say it's typical of me. hehehe]

1. i used to sleep with 3 pillows on my head but pass couple months i sleep without pillow anymore. i don't know why, i can't sleep if i have pillow.

2. i talked to myself especially when i check people's graphics at work. nagmumura ako sa language natin pag na bwesit ako sa work nila na 'di nag pay attention sa kanilang mga work. panay ang reklamo ko sa boss namin, for me it's a waste a time. kung nag pay attention in the 1st place hindi ko na sana i che-check. parang hindi na 'to weird ah nag reklamo na. hehehe.

3. i day dream while driving.

4. i am ms. forgetful, i'll say the QUEEN.

5. i love to crack my knuckles. they told me to stop but i don't think i can.

6. picking up things with my feet especially when I'm cleaning. one time my boss saw me pick up the marker with my feet, he was amazed but said just being lazy. hehehe. si Julie nahawa na rin sa akin.

7.When I leave my home I always knew that I close the garage door but I always check anyway. One time I turn around 2x just to double check stupid me I knew its close. then I left but I stopped again and turn around this is the 3rd time already hahaha well- it's not funny because when I pulled in my neighbor driveway to turn around I hit their mailbox plus I ruined my side view mirror w/c cost 300$ I told hubby about it but I had to lie a little bit so he won't get mad at me. Luckily hubby got a new side view mirror for free from his work.


Lolli said... @ December 31, 2007 at 1:12 PM

hahaha nakatawa kos number 2 sistah, kay bagotbot ikaw ra diay kasabot hehehe weird jud.

kanang imong number 3 di pwede sa akoa gawas guro ug automatic akong car agoy manual man intawon, mumu atong agi ana hehehe

enjoy kog basa dire da!

happy new year!

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