Kiss from a Rose: The conclusion to the two-part event started with glimpses of the end of night, and one of them was Meredith telling McDreamy she doesn't want him to date other women. Flash back to where viewers left off two weeks ago, and the computer was on the fritz in the middle of guiding Shepherd's surgical probe into a patient's brain to remove a tumor. With no technician within five hours, Nurse Rose offered to try to fix it since she'd taken three semesters of computer science in college. She fixed it. How 'bout that? Afterward, they kissed. That's gonna be weird for Meredith.

Have nothing to fear, but ... Meredith was trying to save Ray, the paramedic who was trapped in the rig with something lodged in him. Ray was scared and the chief told him that's OK because it means he has something to lose. The chief walked Meredith through the procedure and told her she was impressive. Later, she told McDreamy she doesn't want him dating other women, but said she's "scared as hell" to want him. But she's doing it anyway, because fear means she has something to lose and she doesn't want to lose him. He tried to tell her something -- like, "I kissed that nurse!" -- but didn't.

Joy to the world! George and Izzie are breaking up! As Meredith's voiceover said, "The world rights itself again!" All is well with "Grey's Anatomy"! But before that, Izzie wanted to update the family of a man whose heart was being operated on, but Hahn told her to think like a surgeon, not a social worker. The wife got mad at Izzie later for not knowing how her husband was doing, and called Izzie a terrible person. Izzie later realized she's never going to be like Hahn and Cristina. She thinks comforting patients and their families helps them. Then, for no apparent reason, she and George agreed they "aren't going to make this work." All is indeed well with the world.

And now, a special message: When the Nazi dude came out of surgery, part of his swastika was missing and he thought Bailey did it on purpose. He told George, who was treating him, that he's not the devil, but he's just a man with a belief system and that he's "not that much different from most people you know." George reminded him that a black woman saved his life and told the Nazi guy that the world would be a better place if he were dead.

For better or worse? Bailey was late for her lunch with her husband and she sent George to ask him to wait. Her husband was not happy to hear the news of the delay. Bailey was still upset because the patient has a swastika tattooed on his belly, and he was holding up her lunch. George played messenger a little longer and relayed her husband's insistence that this is the last time he's going to wait while she puts everything else before her family. He left.

Flipped the script: Cristina was upset that Bailey pulled her off cardio work. But she "rose above," like Bailey did. But at the end of the night she went off on Bailey (who was already upset about her marriage falling apart and that she had to operate on a real-life Nazi), telling her she resented Bailey using her because of the color of her skin. Hmm, that's awkward.

My bloody valentine: After (guest star) Seth Green's carotid artery exploded all over her, Lexie stopped the bleeding and called for help. Then Seth Green told her he's in love with her, but had a stroke and made Lexie cry. Despite Sloan's effort to save him, he died and Lexie cried some more, later telling Cristina, "I have no one." Cristina invited her over to the house to dance and drink, which was the only way Meredith would accept her. And that, kids, is why alcohol solves everything!

All the lonely people: McSteamy tried to smooth talk Dr. Hahn in the middle of surgery and she shot him down again. But when Hahn missed something that could've hurt her patient, she lambasted herself, and Sloan sarcastically said he was impressed that she's as mean to herself as she is to everyone else. At the end of the night, Hahn, Sloan and Callie went for a drink, but Sloan said he couldn't promise not to hit on Hahn.

Busted! Sloan recognized Ava up in the gallery watching Alex perform surgery and told Alex he's "so busted." When Alex accidentally cut a cable that was keeping the guy's heart running, everyone jumped on his case. Sloan asked if he was showing off for his girlfriend, and Ava walked out of the gallery. Later, Alex and Ava were making out and he went off on her, calling her Rebecca (her real name), yelling about getting him suspended for a week and accused her of living a lie by pretending to be someone she's not. Then they kept making out.


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