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1. 2 things you always bring in your bag (aside from wallet)
-> cellphone, pocket calendar

2. 2 tv shows/telenovelas you love to watch
-> only 2? grey's anatomy, dirty sexy money (i'm intrigue by rich/millionaire what they can with their money wink*)

3. 2 softdrinks you enjoyed drinking
-> coke, sprite

4. 2 magazines/books you love reading
-> fitness, vouge

5. 2 places/countries you love visiting or would love to visit
-> europe, carribean

6. 2 hobbies you enjoyed
-> making blogs (let me know if i can help wink*), crafts

7. 2 actors you would love to have a date
-> hmmmm tough i'll pass

8. 2 websites you never failed to open everyday aside from email and your own blogs/site)
-> bisdakplanet, google dot com

9. 2 fondest childhood memories
-> playing takyan (i'm good at it hehehe), bato lata

10. 2 scary incident/accident/instance that you will never forget
-> my first car accident- idiot driver pull in front of me and slammed his brakes
-> i got lost for 3 hrs going to school. a guy told me to take different route to avoid traffic. because i still didn't understand the michigan turn then i kept going & saw going to Canada. hahaha

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rHo said... @ November 16, 2007 at 10:19 PM

ello te, musta ka na?! wow! ano naman ang naging feeling mo na papunta ka na palang canada? yaaaay... scary! buti nakabalik ka pa te... katakotz yun ha!

ingatz ka po lagi en God bless!

Carlota said... @ November 16, 2007 at 11:05 PM

Rho = ay kumusta? sorry ha 'di pa rin ako naka bisita. Miss you gurl.

takot na takot ako, halok iiyak na...nag turn around ako ayon mas lalo nawala. may nakita akong polis nagtanong kung nasaan ako and i told him the place ng school ko pero 'di nya alam...waaaahhhh...it was funny he asked the guy he pulled over :-) they were looking for the map at di pa rin nya alam. pero mabait siya he told me to follow him to freeway and exit to (can't remember sa exit) pero na miss ko rin ayon nawala na naman. hahaha. iyak na talaga ako. i saw a towing truck sa freeway nawala ang takot nagtanong talaga ako sa kanya (imagine freeway ng stop over ako) sinabi nya sa akin 'ayon sa awa ni God after 3 hrs i finally found my way. waaaahhhhhhh i bitched the guy who gave me the direction hahahaha.

Salamat talaga Rho. hugs muuaahhh.

Reyn said... @ November 17, 2007 at 6:33 PM

Hi Ate! Hope you're having a nice weekend.. I'll grab this tag later :)

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