How I wished I have known Dentemp OS awhile ago it would save me from embarrassment. When I lost my fillings while eating my dinner I kind of scared was very uncomfortable, I know how hurt when food can get in. I am so glad I found out about Dentemp OS. Dentemp OS it provides fast, temporary relief of pain and discomfort. You can use it to replace lost fillings or to temporary cement loose crowns. If I had known this temporary dental repair I could finished my dinner then.

Here are all the Features of Dentemp OS:

  • Provides fast, temporary relief of pain and discomfort.
  • Just remove it from its plastic vial and it's ready to use. No Mess! No Mixing! Several Applications in each vial.
  • Replaces lost fillings and may be used to temporarily cement loose crowns.
  • You can eat on it within 30 minutes of setting.
To save you time, money and embarrassment use Dentemp OS. Dentemp O.S it is FDA Approved and it is Over-the-Counter Dental Cement is a perfect First Aid product for fillings and loose caps.


gwapasila said... @ October 5, 2007 at 12:06 AM

yah me too..hehehhe, musta na ?

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