Gift exchange: Cristina decided to give away her wedding gifts, which Burke registered for, in exchange for professional gain – trading them for spots in upcoming surgeries. But she got another unwelcome gift: a visit from Momma Burke. She tried to avoid Momma Burke all day, which left Momma Burke to sit around and offer motherly advice to every doctor in the place. When Cristina finally talked to Momma, she was asked for Burke’s key and the necklace he gave her. Momma Burke then apologized to Cristina for not just losing the man she loved, but also her teacher. “With him by your side, you could have become a brilliant heart surgeon,” she said. That’s messed up.

‘The Heartbreak Kid': George finally admitted to Izzie that he “shouldn’t have gotten married,” and decided to tell Callie their marriage is over. Momma Burke sat him down and when he said Burke avoided “a mistake that’s hard to take back,” she told him that staying in a marriage out of obligation is no way to live. When he finally tried to break the news to her at the end of the night, she was too shaken to take the news she knew was coming and he agreed not to say anything. Will he?

Suspicious mind: Callie started to piece together the Gizzie situation, first noticing that Izzie looked a little tired, apparently from a long night (in which Callie happened to not come home to George). When the chief chewed her out for not knowing about the baby being kidnapped, Izzie told Callie, “I think you’re a good chief resident.” That’s when Callie knew Izzie was just buttering her up out of guilt, and she kicked Izzie out of the operating room. She then told McSteamy she thinks George is having an affair, and then asked George not to tell her. Talk about an awkward night.

‘He loves me, too’: Izzie was nervous all day that George was going to tell Callie the marriage is over, because Callie is her boss and that could get a little awkward. She asked George to wait “at least until she’s not in such a bad mood.” But he told her he doesn’t want to be “that guy,” and she came to grips with the fact that he’s going to tell Callie.

Addicted to lust: Derek wanted to move beyond just sex in his new breakup with Meredith and asked her to join him for lunch. She didn’t want to go, but wanted to meet later for you know what! McDreamy got a chance to sit with Momma Burke, telling her that Burke is “not returning my phone calls anymore.” (He’s probably busy with all that “Bionic Woman” stuff). Momma Burke told him that an honorable man knows when to not take less than he deserves, and he realized that’s what he’s doing with Meredith. Then he went back for more.

Miss Inappropriate? Momma Burke cornered Meredith and asked her if she was being inappropriate or selfish when she announced at the wedding that “it’s over, so over.” It was either inappropriate to make light of that situation, she said, or selfish to use that moment to send a message to her boyfriend. Meredith then turned around and was mean to her half-sister, Lexie. She told Lexie they don’t have the same dad, because her dad disappeared when she was five years old and chose to raise Lexie instead. Meredith then admitted that her dad issues are why she can’t commit to McDreamy. It only took three seasons!

Inspector Karev: An explosion at an apartment building brought in a bunch of patients, including a man, his wife and 1-year-old son. Karev became suspicious that the man was cooking meth in the kitchen, which caused the explosion, and therefore the boy had been ingesting meth. He confronted the dad about it and got punched in the face before the dad took his kid and went into hiding. He offered Bailey the chance to yell at him for his stupid decision to confront the man with the child still in the room, and she took it. And she kinda liked it.

Power struggle: Bailey asked chief resident Callie for a resident to help in the clinic, but Callie wouldn’t budge, saying the clinic is voluntary. Bailey was given all the interns she wanted, but she didn’t want interns. She went over Callie’s head, though, and asked Meredith to work the clinic as a debt of gratitude for saving her life. Fortunately for everyone, they didn’t play that “How to Save a Life” song again.

Chief delegator: The chief tried to delegate more work so he could have free time to prove to his wife that he can let go of work a little. But the more he let go, the more things blew up around him, and he got especially upset with Callie for not paying more attention to what was happening with the 1-year-old kid and his meth-making dad. That kidnapping gave him a stack of paperwork to do, which was time he otherwise would have spent with Adele. When Callie offered to help, he told her “I think you’ve helped enough for one day.” Oh, snap!


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