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Very very sorry ladies just got a chance to post the awards you have given me. To Irel, Ylan and Lily thanks so much, truly appreciated.

Here's from Irel:
Carlota = she's a busy wifey,momma & yet still has time to help people design their blogs! She's the one who encouraged me to join blogspot! Eventhough we didn't know how we know each other but we're still good friends char!palakpakan madame!

From Ylan
1. Carlota - she surely rocks! She has no problem dedicating her time making blogs for other people. Very helpful.

From Lily
Carlota - I am one of her fans through blogging. I like reading her entries most of the time. I was still pregnant when we started e-mailing. We instantly became good friends right from the start. I admire her for being so generous and very helpful, not to mention a friendly person. She is a very talented lady who helped me make my very first blog in Blog spot.


ghee said... @ October 3, 2007 at 11:43 PM

Nice award!Congratulations Carlots! :)

btw,I got you tagged,pero no pressure,gawin mo na lang if you have a chance :)

enjoy your night,Carlots!
a big hug to you!!

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