This tag from Pepe for this blog. (Genny tag me also but i'm going to post it to my other blog...wink*)

Rules: Each players of this game starts with six (6) weird things about themselves...People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own six (6) weird things as well as state the rule clearly...Tag another six (6) people and inform them about it....

So here i go with six weird things about myself :

1.) I ate a lot (like 6 cups a rice plus other dish) when I'm bored, mad and stressed...Is this weird or just hungry? or matakaw lang. hehehe

2.) I spend hours to get ready myself to go out on special occasion...(I think it's natural for woman right?)

3.) I like to smell my hubby's used under shirts...nahawa din ang anak ko hehehe...I remember when I was pregnant when hubby get ready for work in the morning I go in the bathroom and asked his shirt so i can smell it all day...hahaha...

4.) I slept with 3 or 4 pillows...

5.) I tend to delegate my work...(sa trabaho ko at mag pretend na busy ako...oppsss mabasa to sa boss ko hehehe)

6.) I watched the whole season of 24 for 2 days...is this weird or just crazy?

I'm not going to tag this to 6 people but whoever read this you are welcome to take it.

Thanks Pepe...


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