to clean my yard/gaden :-( . My allergy been so bad this year and I just couldn't work outside. Plus I got sick too. Anyway, around 6pm I decided to work on my garden cause it really look like a JUNGLE, and miss Irel can you beat this? [HERE]. Can you believe it? :-( . Well, at least all the major trimming are all done and tomorrow I'll try to start working on the garden.

To Kukang here's the pics you've been waiting. hehehe . TILAPIA (i paid 3$ - mora lang talaga) and Tom's FAVORITE. Enjoy kukang! hahaha.

Julie- got her early birthday present from Kookie SIDEKICK II.

Thanks so much Kookie, she's so happy! I add the internet already for her but she need to wait about 48 hrs to activate. I told her she needs to pay her own internet w/c 20$/month. She agrees and we'll see. Thanks again, muuaaah.

To: Racs, Lanie G, glorie, Angie, SexyMom, krystyna, GA, daff, lutchi, haze, Che, KOOKIE, Loll,i janine, Malou, rHo, lily, missP, yorokobee & lhadymitch, thanks so much for the comments very much appreciated. Also to all who visited me here thank you too. Hugs & Kisses to all!


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