Hello everyone warm welcome to my NEW place, hope you enjoy your stay :-). A big thank you for my lovely host .

Anyway, how could I forgot to greet my beloved mother on her birthday sa blog ko? Her bday was last Monday. Well, for my Nanay Happy Happy birthday, wishing you more birhtdays and good health through out the years to come. You know how much I love you.

Last Saturday, May/Kukang was giving me a bday party at her house. Since bday din ng asawa nya that week isinabay na lang nya. It was fun, though hindi kami nag imbita ng marami, we still had a great time. I finally met sweet Melanie, she’s such a nice lady very sweet. Right ms. Ylan?

and meet Julie’s new sister :-) .

aren’t they cute?

bisdak enjoying here in Michigan. Right Melay?

Look at Melay’s plate? hehehe. They droved almost an hour at yan lang ang kinain nya. What’s on her plate? bagoong, eggroll sauce, rice & kare2x. She said she’s full! hehehe.

Loy- got a shirt from England. Si Ate Mina naa dira iyang anak ug diha sab niya napalit ang t-shirt. Hey basin ug nagka ila namo wala lang ka kahibawo. hehehe.

Click HERE for more pics.

Last night we got invited from WCSX: Night Before Thanksgiving at Greektown Casino

it was fun, food, drinks, games and gamble. Kathy didn’t make it so I called May the last minute. I want hubby to come with us but he insists cause he want to put together a lists for todays thanksgiving dinner. Anyway, it was really fun, they gave us 25$ to play but sadly i lost them all plus my 15$ hehehe. But May she won 50$ good job May you’re so lucky! Balik tayo ha? :-) .

oh yeah- at least I won a coffee mug for pinning the turkey. That was fun, they blindfold us, when my turn na I went straight to the door hahaha…sabi pa go to your right but i had to stopped 1st and think where’s my right? hahaha.

Ok dokie time for me to get ready.


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