Posted by Dorian Compton

One of the best educational shows on TV these days is Planet Earth found on the Discovery Channel. Luckily, I never have a problem watching the show since I have Cable TV. Each episode I get to travel to a new, exotic location and discover what it is that makes the particular area unique. I get to see places on Planet Earth that I never even new existed. I get to travel to places almost impossible for the average person to visit in person, even if I had the money to try. My family not only gets to travel to remote locations, but also can witness unusual animal behavior in the wild.

My husband and kids love the show almost as much as I do. It is the one show on TV that the entire family agrees is worth watching, which is unusual. It is a top-notch show covering interesting destinations and the narrators are professional and good enough to hold every ones attention. The show has been the basis of more than one homework assignment that requires research about the world we live in. Planet Earth provides lots of information and details our family would have no knowledge of otherwise. The filming of the show is excellent quality, and totally captures my family's attention every time we watch it.


Eric Graham Conversion Doctor said... @ May 31, 2011 at 11:58 AM

I love watching informative programs like Discovery Channel and National Geographic on cable TV. Planet Earth is a great show but I don't watch it regularly since I'm busy with my work.

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