Accidents in the bathroom can occur very often, especially among those who are advancing in age. Their balance is already depreciating and their walk is wobbly so a simple visit to the bathroom can already be life threatening.

I have a friend whose grandmother was in perfect health, even in her 70s. However, one day, she went to the bathroom and slipped. Her right hip hit the bathroom floor and because she was already old, the hip bone cracked. She was bed ridden in the hospital for months. Then she died.

She died not because of her injury but because of pneumonia, after being bed ridden for quite some time and her body could no longer tolerate the infection and the strong medication. Her body was no longer recuperating.

I just wonder if hip replacement was available then if her passing away would be delayed? And if ever there were problems with her hip replacement they can just call a Depuy recall attorney to assist in the replacement of the defective body part.

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