Springs rolling around in a couple of months and I can't wait! Once it starts to get warm again I'm going to fix up the garden and back my old routine of loving gardening. Over the summer I really didn’t get to do much gardening because I was busty with work. This coming spring I'm going to plant some new flowers. And I might even plant some Apricot trees so my family and I can have some fresh apricots over the spring and summer!


pink thoughts said... @ January 23, 2009 at 12:13 AM

olah mommy! this weeks post is up at http://www.pinkthoughts.com/2009/01/pf-7-pink-blouse.html

sorry for the delayed info but your blog is already included at our blogroll. please don't forget to include any of our badges in your sidebar. thanks in advance!

by the way, i was trying to comment at your pink fridays post but i couldn't that is why i commented here. :)

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