I came in to work early today to work on the project need to be done. But my surprise my ID were suspended. I think they forgot that there's still couple people left.

At 1st I thought I forgot my password so I called support, trust me each time I call a support (remember support from 1 of the big 3) is no fun at all. I don't want to mention where the support cause I might get in trouble but let me tell you, I can't believe they become an IT can't hardly....... I'm sure you know what I'm saying.

Anyway- they told me my ID were suspended so I called eng graphics supervisor to let her know that my ID were suspended but she can't do anything about it because her boss is not IN yet. So, I waited and waited and waited.

The support called me back and telling me to log in to my email duh! Remember my ID is suspended? Geezzzz


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