Can you imagine its Christmas is around the corner already? Time flies isn't it?

  • Monday => was so tired over the weekend and came home from work all worn out.
  • Tuesday => was busy at work trying to finish some project.
  • Wednesday => Sad day at work, 2 people left. One is my boss who is going to different department, happy for him. The other one got laid-off. And lunch time big boss (my boss now) took as to a nice restaurant for lunch. I was surprise of myself didn't get any drinks (alcohol). After work, I stopped by in the store for last minute Thanksgiving dinner shopping. I cannot believe how expensive nowadays.
  • Thursday => got up early to do some major cleaning. And I helped HB for the dinner.
  • Friday => lazy as I can be, relax to the max!
  • Saturday => had the kids over. I got up early again to clean up the kitchen, because I didn't finish it last Thursday or I rather say Friday at 3am. I only washed all the china dishes.
  • Sunday => relax again, and installed 6 blogs. Visit my Web-Blog Designs.


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