I was cleaning downstairs bathroom, I had a hard time cleaning up the mirror. It has a build-up from hairspray. I don't use hairspray hubby does. I did whine about it but there's nothing he or I can do. So- my friend google is the rescue, I searched the solution how to clean the hairspray buildup.

Here's the tip on how to clean the mirror that has a hairspray buildup:

Hurried morning grooming can mean a mess later if we're not careful. If your vanity mirror is dull from hairspray buildup try this bathroom cleaning tip: Washing the mirror with a solution of clairfying shampoo and water will eliminate the sticky haze caused by sprays. For a no-lint shine, wipe clean with a lint free cloth such as a cloth diaper or coffee filter. A cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol will not only help to remove hairspray buildup from the mirrors but will also assist in cleaning bathroom tiles of sticky hair care products.


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