Finally I installed my sister's Fit4All blog, this is after the begging and all, wink* ... Please visit her blogs to see it live.

Fit 4 All ... I wasn't really sure the color combinations she had chosen but since it's her blog and the color she wants, I got nothing to say. hehehe. Well- I think it turned out good.
Glorie Solitude - I designed this way back. I need to re-install the html code cause in some reason she can't edit the page elements.
Restlessrant - again I installed this long time ago. I found this layout and I kinda like it. I made the header and modified the color combinations a little bit.
Dress me Up - Glorie's Fashion Collection. When I design the layout I was a novice wink*. Well- up until now I still am but just got improve a little. I might re-do it to look a little better. Don't you agree?


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