Blackjack Stats is a strategy and rules guide to playing blackjack online. In addition to this, they offer reviews of reputable Online Casinos that offer fair odds for playing blackjack. Most of the blackjack casinos listed have been around for many years. All of the online casinos have been played at and approved by the team at Blackjack Stats. Blackjack Statistics has developed the following guide to picking safe online casinos to gamble with on the Internet. There are five main things you need to look for.

First you always want to play at an online casino that clearly displays their software on their web site home page. Recommended gambling software providers are Microgaming, Vegas Technology and Playtech. Second, you want to research the casinos history of payout percentages. Look for casino sites with payouts over a 96% average. Third, always do a google search on the casinos name to see what other sites have to say about them. Normally it is easy to find the dirt on less than credible online casinos so just be sure to look around for it. If you don't look you might never know. Fourth, be sure to contact the customer support department and see how quickly the respond.

All safe online casinos will have an online player support department that can take your calls, emails or live chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Lastly, always start out making deposits and wagering in smaller amounts. Then, make withdrawals before your winnings get to large. If and when they pay you, you can slowly increase the amounts of your deposits and winnings in the account. Build your own trust level with a casino before depositing large amounts of money. So go to bjstats.com to start playing blackjack!


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