Yesterday after work I went straight to Mays’ house to play mahjong wink*. As usual before we played we ate dinner first, we had dried fish, menudo and mung bean, and all are so yummy. Around 9 Tom called me want me to come home, and since I was so tired and sleepy I decided to end the game early, we normally played until mid-night. I got home almost 10 and went straight to bed, while trying to sleep it hit me that we need new bedding. Today, I surf around looking for new bedding and I found the bedding I am looking for at BedinaBox.com. They sure have great selections, if you in need of new bedding visit www.bedinabox.com today.


Anonymous said... @ May 21, 2008 at 9:57 PM

You can get a 5% discount off Bedinabox’s low prices for memory foam mattresses (which come with free shipping) by entering referral code 13591080511 when checking out.

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