PR4 to PR0 ... don't you love google?! hahaha ... Oh well- there's nothing we can do, just accept the fact that google has the power to make our PR go away ...(daginoton pa jud ning atong gamay nga kalipay oi waaaahhhh ... ningkamot gani ta para kapalit ug bahag hehehe).

Anyway, I didn't even get a chance to take advantage my PR4, i was just busy at work and other stuff. Well- better luck next time, or perhaps buy a domain for this blog. Hmmm problem though i submit this to smorty and they wont accept re-direct blog. Or i could just forget this blog and start a new one (para dili ko paninglan sa smorty). The reason, as we all know domain has more advantage over free site. hmmm think think think.

Happy Sunday everyone!

I will be updating this blog from scratch. My linkies are belong to my other blog w/c is the http://kharlota.com . It is now live but not really. hehehe. I still didn't get a chance to update the kharlota.com, one of this day i will sit down and update the entire blog. For now, i need to work other friends blog who patiently waiting. Thanks so much for understanding me.


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