I was trying my best last night to post all the paid post unfortunately i was failed to do because i could no longer bear my tiring eyes. My bed was really concern me t and care my body to get some res and i once followed last night. :( Though it was already late to obey my bed but at least i give chance to listen. hehe i am back again on my sanctuary of blogging. my plan is to finished some layout and unfinished paid post blog. I will also try to update some of my blog. Haaayyyy i sometimes think of giving up my other blog because i am afraid i might lost of track there but on the other hand i feel pity on it for all the time and effort i spent to make that blog. So Carlota don't mumbling complaining how you can maintain the blogs you have already take that responsibility then challenge yourself now..hehehe amew na jud ko!:P

Haay segi lang ko yawit diri para lang naa koy masulat. Paita oi...hehehe Happy Sunday Everyone! I wish to keep my time visiting you guys. Please bear with me for now..:)


Vk-mahalkaayo said... @ March 9, 2008 at 2:10 PM

musta na carlota,

thnks kaayo sa greetings ni sascha ha?----

ako pod diri bc kayo nga wa ko kasabot unsay gibusyhan...

dagko na man unta mga anak nako, nya nagkapuliki gihapon.

bitaw, thnks sa visit ha?

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