Are you a person who loved a fanny packs but kind of embarrassed because of how it looks? It sure looks silly to wear them but as we all know that it’s a little handy when you go shopping and you want to have hands free. I myself like the idea of fanny packs because I am a person doesn’t like to carry a purse when I’m in shopping spree or travelling but don’t get me wrong I don’t the fanny packs because of the looks and it really feel so silly to wear them.

But now without a doubt I will definitely buy or wear a fanny pack, thanks to FannyPackAlternatives.com I finally found the type of fanny pack I am looking for. Introducing the La Cintura Waist Purse, this is the one, very stylish and fashion alternatives to the fanny pack. It sure a gorgeous one, high quality leather and suede creations designed to be worn around the waist, over the shoulder as a purse or across the chest messenger bag style of however you would like. Also, it is an adjustable belt from 14-48 inches.

If you want your hands free while doing your shopping spree La Cintura Waist Purse is what you need. This is really great when you are going on vacation, not only worries free you will look so stylish. Check out Fanny Pack Alternatives now to see all the La Cintura Waist Purse styles.


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