How I wished that I have known about digital vault to backup all-important documents, files and photos long time ago. It could save my precious photos I’ve lost. We know photos are one of the important things in our life, looking back the memories through photos is just priceless. Well- few years ago my computer went off on me, I’ve lost everything pictures that so important to me are gone, we tried everything we can think of but nothing, what a loss for both me and hubby. Photos from our vacation in Philippines especially the picture of my hubby best friend, his best man in our wedding was gone. The saddest is his friend passed away the year after, wished we still have those photos.

Anyway, if you are a victim or have experienced, BT digital vault is the best solution; you can backup all those important files and photos at a very secure place. You can try BT Digital Vault FREE, but limited and no auto-back up. You can get the unlimited (5GB storage) and auto back up at very affordable price. “Auto Backup currently not Mac compatible”. For more information about BT digital vault please visit the www.bt.com/digitalvault today.


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