I received a 16oz. sports Bottle with Level 2 Filter from payu2 to review. Let me tell you this is one of the best product I received. I love to drink water and I always buy cases of water bottle, uses at work or working out. For healthy reason I don’t drink water tap water or even drinking fountain. The taste just horrible, you can taste the chlorine, or even lead. That’s why I always have water bottle for that reason. I know I spent so much money for the convenience of bottled water but I didn’t mind at all as long as I know the water I drink is safe.

Now, with Pure Water 2Go, a portable water filtering system I can have fresh water all the time and the best thing is I can save a bundle to have a water bottle filter.

16oz. Sport Bottle with Level 2 Filter The sport bottles are made from a much higher quality and more durable plastic. Filter included with the Water Filter Bottle System will treat up to 80 gallons of water, approximately 3 months of use under normal conditions. It removes chlorine, bad taste and odor, as well as a significant proportions of heavy metals, including Lead, Mercury, and Copper. Works great in standard bicycle racks and car holders. Simply fill bottle with water and drink. Bottle will filter the water as you drink!

Read this high-light ... I know after you read it you WANT Pure Water 2GO - Portable Water Filter.

Is Your Water Safe?
An examination of 65 of the 3,000 largest utilities found cities such as Philadelphia, Boston, New York City, Providence, R.I., and Portland, Me., are "manipulating the results of tests used to detect lead in water, violating federal law and putting millions of Americans at risk,'' The Washington Post said. More than 250 major cities currently exceed the EPA's lead standards, and many of them have been deceptive, or even fraudulent in their reporting of the problems.
-- NBC Nightly News

"Each day, millions of Americans turn on their taps and get water that exceeds the legal limits for dangerous contaminants."
-- USA Today, Special Report.

Did you know. . .

• Water contaminated with viruses or bacteria can cause gastroenteritis, cancer, and reproductive/developmental issues

• There are up to 40 million waterborne illnesses annually

• Water becomes contaminated if there is a break in a water main

• Lead in drinking water may account for 20% of a person’s exposure

• Contaminated well water is present in all 50 states

How does water get contaminated?

• Any breach/rupture in the water mains (200,000 reported in 2002)

• Corroded pipes

• Overflowing/leaking septic tanks

• Pollution/Pesticide/Agricultural runoff

• The EPA only regulates 87 of the thousands of possible contaminants

Who is at risk?

• Children, elderly, pregnant women, and the immuno-compromised
• Anyone who drinks well-water or water that is otherwise unregulated
• Anyone in a disaster situation where the water source is breached

What can I do?

• Filter ALL tap water used for drinking through a charcoal filter to reduce lead, radon, and arsenic (especially if preparing baby formula)

• Know where your water comes from (Is it regulated by the city? Susceptible to agricultural runoff? )

• If applicable, pump/professionally inspect your septic tank regularly

• If you drink well water, have it tested annually by local Health Dept.

• Be prepared!!!


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