Thanks Amz for tagging me. Now i'm going to tag Justine, Aileen, Hazel, Ruby, Lily, Glorie, Kramlo, Ylan, Butchay, Norm

1. I love to eat: SEE food! (it means I love to eat all the food I see…lol)

2. I hate to eat: blue cheese (ewww just hate the smells!)

3. I love to go: island hopping, its fun!

4. I hate to go: I would hate to go to a place has no internet! hahaha.

5. I love it when: my house is clean especially bathrooms.

6. I hate it when: i have to do some ironing especially Tom’s work clothes…but I got smarter I take his clothes to the cleaner. hehehe. Paila na tapulan jud!

7. I love to see: my family happy and good health (copy- ra ko nimo Amz kay mao man sab ako gusto.

8. I hate to see: when people being judgmental.

9. I love to hear: Julie’s playing All About You by McFly with her guitar.

10. I hate to hear: when Julie and Tom arguing. Seriously they can argue for hours, I have to break them up by yelling at them! hahaha. Haaaayyy teenager … After yelling at them to stop and Julie apologized and everything back to normal.


Nance said... @ January 12, 2008 at 9:50 PM

he he he, Carl, i luv ur answers!
Take care! (i voted 4 u again)

Amy said... @ January 13, 2008 at 3:54 AM

katawa ko ana # 2 di pod diay ka "nahan og cheese.. lol*

thanks for doing the tag madame. Happy sunday! bisous

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