Have you guys watched Grey's Anatomy Thursday? What do you think? It was good episode but i don't like McDreamy being an a***! I can understand his situation with Meredith but still, can't he wait a little bit longer? What can you say about this nurse? Do you see her and mcDreamy move in together?

The end: McDreamy was looking for the perfect life, complete with a custom-built house on a hill. And he wanted Meredith to move into it with him. Nurse Rose wanted him to take her out to dinner, but he said he has to "see it through" with Meredith, and she was totally cool about it and said she wants to maintain the great professional relationship they had when he didn't even know her name. But George overheard that conversation. A blowup with Meredith later ended with McDreamy telling her he "just can't do it anymore." Then, in a move that won't win him many fans, he asked Rose out that night. Did McDreamy just become McJackass?

Can't trust it: Meredith didn't want to talk about the house. She said it was too fast and that even though she claimed she was ready to commit, Derek was taking "a lot of steps at once." She later told George about the house and that it scares her, but he misunderstood and thought she was scared because she couldn't trust Derek because he kissed Rose. That was news he accidentally spilled to her. Later, she told Derek she couldn't trust him and he said she can't trust anybody. This looks like the end.

Disappearing act, magic touch: Bailey's husband was still upset that she isn't home enough and he wasn't talking to her. Later, a patient claimed to be a healer and saved a man with a heart condition and cured another patient's staph infection. Everything was shaken up when Bailey's husband brought their son to the hospital after an accident. Little Tucker was crushed by a bunch of medical books after he got into her office through an open baby gate. He could have died, and Bailey went a little nuts trying to figure out if she was to blame. Hahn performed successful surgery on him and the healer worked a little magic to make him well again.

Daughter-out-law?: Callie ran into George's mom at the hospital, and Mrs. O'Malley came with unisex baby clothes she'd knitted because last she'd heard, Callie and George were trying to have a baby. (She must have a lot of episodes backed up on her DVR.) Later, after Mrs. O'Malley got the full story, Callie told her that she used to believe in God, marriage and the whole deal, and that she really loved being an O'Malley. Oh, well.

What a girl wants: Izzie didn't want to get out of bed, saying she hates everything, hates Cristina, hates Hahn. When she bumped into George's mom, through a little "Three's Company"-like misunderstanding, she accidentally spilled all the news in a matter of about 30 seconds: the affair, the divorce and the fact that George failed the intern exam. She later admitted to Alex that she's "crippled with envy" of Cristina because Cristina knows what she wants and Izzie has no clue.

Mama mia! When George finally talked to his mom about all the developments in his life, she said it "isn't OK." She won't accept it and she said, being Catholic, they don't believe in divorce and certainly don't believe in adultery. George later told his mom he isn't the guy he wanted to be. He wants to be the guy Bailey named her baby after. So do we, George. So do we.

Mystery man: The healer lady wanted Alex to explain the heart surgery she needed, step by step, so that she could visualize it and fix herself. He was skeptical, but she said he was bringing darkness into her light. She said something happened to him that made him mean. She told Alex that he was a very good boy, but he's not a very good man. Alex was still skeptical, but when he saw the healer save Bailey's son, he decided to help her, but he had Izzie do it because because she's an optimist. Does Alex have a dark secret?

Scrambled sis: So it turns out that Lexie, the one who silently supported her alcoholic father and desperately needed her long-lost half-sister's approval, is co-dependent. After Meredith made her breakfast, including eggs, she ate it because she didn't want to offend her newly nice half-sister. But Lexie's allergic to eggs and broke out in hives. Let's assume she came out of it all right.

Smackdown: After even more repeated overtures from McSteamy, Hahn finally told him that he's "too pretty" and that if they didn't work together, they probably would have hooked up by now. But they do work together, and she has to keep her personal life outside the doors of the hospital. Does she actually know which hospital she works at?


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