Hello everyone, sorry for haven't visiting your blogs yet, been so busy especially at work. Plus hubby will be home on Tuesday and i have so much to do, house cleaning. Over my holiday vacation i was so lazy, all i did was eat, sleep, watch TFC shows all day and all night long. Now tomorrow i got no choice, i guess i'll be staying up all night just to clean the house. Time flies, can't believe hubby will be home soon.

By the way, kharlota.com still not up yet, server still not found. I'm hoping will be fix soon.

Time to sleep, happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend.


Mari said... @ January 11, 2008 at 7:26 PM

I've been doing the same today -- cleaning, sorting, discarding and organizing my studio/room. Hay, naku, nakakapagod. And I'm not done yet. Will continue tomorrow.

Sleep tight and have a great weekend.

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