Buying or owning gold has been recognized for centuries. And the gold coin has proven to be the time tested answer for societies yearning economic wealth. The option, fiat currency, has resulted in the downfall of well-off civilizations since Roman times. The word "fiat" means by government edict. It is simply impossible for a government to magically proclaim sound money and reliable purchasing power of wealth with paper currency. This piece of information prompts Americans to consider investing in gold coins. If you are looking of a reputable coin dealers Monex is the best choice. Monex is America's premier coin dealer because of its sizable buy-and-sell bullion and coin market. And Monex offers competitive gold coin prices, making Monex the preferred source for the purchase of coins. Whether it is for investing in pure 24k gold Vienna Philharmonic, American Buffalo, or Canadian Maple Leaf coins, or other monetary bullion coins like the Krugerrand or the US American Eagle, buying gold coins is a convenient scheme for wealth protection and profit potential. Please visit the monex.com for more information.


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