sorry just got a chance... many of you asking the BOTW logo, you guys are welcome to grab it and please don't forget to link back to me, very much appreciated.

Please copy HERE and paste to your blog ...

Here's the previous BOTW...Please grab the logo...Thank you!

1st Week:
Parisukat Ghee Kookie Midas Ethel Humblesoul Glorie Lhadymitch Gayle Ivy

2nd Week:
Irel Lalique Ylan Joy Axel Norm Michael Annie & Toni Texas-Sweetie Haze

3rd Week:
Noel Julia Jerla Yorokobee Rho Agring TK Teebob Julai Glorie

4th Week:
Reyn Mousey Darlene Kramlo Dr. Tess YennyGirl Julie Lutchi Genetic JEV IN MOZILLA

5th Week:
Emina Bless Amy Rosemarie PrettylifeOnline Kathycot Garf Sasha Nona Raquel


sasha said... @ December 5, 2007 at 10:00 AM

Ay salamat, te! Wow! Thank you talaga! Ang cute pa nung award hehehe

Will post this, sama ko na sa scheduled posts ko :)

Happy Thursday! Mwah!


roanne said... @ December 6, 2007 at 10:04 PM

wow!!! thank you.... mwuaaahuggggzz! nakakatuwa naman! hehehehe!

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