I got tag by ms. Prettylifeonline and Glorie the Lover version...wink*

Tag from Lisa "thank you so much".

♥ How old Is ur Lover (Husband)?
==> you'll have a price if you can guess. [seriously]

♥ What is Ur Lover (Husband) Fav. Color?
==> he don't have any particular ones. whatever my fav is his fav too except pink, of course!

♥ What Is your Husband Fav. Movie?
==> he has plenty...Forest Gump is one of them and its the first movie we've seen together back in 1994.

♥ What does Your Lover (Husband)like to do?
==> cooking

♥ How much Do u LOVE your Lover (Husband)?
==>like an ocean

♥ Is Your Lover (Husband) a Flirt?
==> to me yes! hahaha

♥ Where did U and Your Lover (Husband) First Meet?
==> he found me somewhere...wink* he is my penpal

♥ How Long Have u and Your Husband Been going out?
==> been writing each other for 3 months, going out 3x and got married. hehehe

♥ Do u and your Lover (Husband) Parents Have a good relationship?
==> yes, but she's in MA

♥ Does your Lover (Husband) like night or day?
==> night i guess ... hmmm

♥ Do your Lover (Husband) like Rootbeer or Sprite?
==> rootbeer pero #1 is beer! lol

♥ Do you and your Lover (Husband) get along?
==> of course naman ... we've been married over 13 yrs going 14 next month so what do you think?

♥ Do you and your Lover (husband) Fight? If so Who Wins the fight?
==> of course part of your marriage life...it depends.

♥ How often do u go to your Lovers (Husband) house?
==> we live together in 1 roof

♥ What does your lover (Husband) call you?
==> carlota, tata, mom

♥ Is your Lover (Husband) older or younger than you?
==> of course older than me ... i like mature and responsible

♥ Does your Lover(Husband) buy you gifts often?
==> it depends but in special occasion yes!

♥ Do you Hate your Lover (Husband) AT TIMES?
==> how could i hate him? even though we have a problem sometimes i could never hate him.

♥ What is your LOVER (Husband) fav. Sport?
==> hockey (he never play but he likes to watch the game), billiard

♥ Do your Lover (Husband) tell you everything?
==> i think so.


ghee said... @ December 18, 2007 at 8:52 AM

Hello Carlots,

Howve you been?sorry,i was too busy with my assignments since the beginning of this month,LOL!

but now,i think i need a break for a while,they take all of my time blogging.

Anyways,wheres your hubby din pala?my hubby is away din,working on another field,far away from us.

Ingats always and happy holidays!!


Pretty Life Online said... @ December 19, 2007 at 2:19 AM

thanks girl for doing! Have a nice day!

monica said... @ December 19, 2007 at 7:17 AM

hi ate kharlota, i tag you :)

Amy said... @ December 20, 2007 at 3:12 PM

carlotz, i think toms age is either 59 or 60. sakto no? premyo nya naku ha! hehehe*

bitaw uy, joyeux nöel et bonne année à toute la famille! bisous

Shoshana said... @ December 21, 2007 at 2:56 AM

Carlotta, I think he's 49 or so.

What are you going to give me for my prize?

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