The first idea that jumped on my shoulders (and fingers) with hearing that my opinion was asked about another search engine: oh no, please!, because I’ve shared many hours of googling with the hope to find what I was looking for. And most of the time this hope was short lived. In fact I’m sometimes rather disappointed one of the well-know search engine (Google). I’m fed up with the daily struggle through a vast number of Not Asked For Subjects. Getting Spock at the spock.com I wasn’t really convinced this one would be the exception. To read it was possible to find people by name or by a tag about profession or just even by a personal thing like color of hair, it got mine bristling! To preserve one’s privacy especially in this age of computer networks is a hot issue. Many suggestions have been made how to achieve this. People have been pointed out the dangers. The trail we all leave behind us on the net using our credit cards is just an example how the baddies can check us out. Controversial, that’s what it is. But so many inventions we use nowadays were controversial once! So, I went on. I saw they claimed to deliver what was asked. And by jolly: they do! I tried spock.com/q/eileen gray and I got what I asked for. In contrary with others, they give plenty of options, most of them valuable. To be honest: to know if someone is single or lesbian…mmm. But for all the other information: thanks guys, a splendid thing are a joy forever!


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